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I took some time to look at your website yesterday and I must say that I absolutely adore your portrait work,  Absolutely stunning.


Your surrealist drawings reminded me a lot of the hell depictions of Hieronymus Bosch. Contemporary surrealist works that I encounter often look very much like H.R. Giger or have drawn a lot of inspiration from Lovecraft, but there is a kind of formal character in your drawings that gives them a much older touch in my opinion, which is refreshing.


'the_sorcerer' from art against agony





 I am totally stunned about your art, your words and poetry as also as your deep and profound anguish, which hits me as I am looking at your drawings. For me they are true works of heart that remind me of the universes of H.P. Lovecraft, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Moebius, Blade Runner and of course David Lynch.


Bernd Schneid - Writer




I aquired my first Kyle Stevens’ oil painting in the fall of 1989. I remember the moment exactly. Looking through the street window of his representing gallery, I was struck instantly by the technical mastery and soulful essence of a small still life. This still life was the initial piece in a collection that now numbers more than 25 paintings and works on paper.


Kyle’s genius lies in his ability to identify subject matter that captivates the viewer [either to comfort or to disturb or both and to render it with virtuoso realism. He is a true student of rembrandt and the dutch master technique finding perfection in his execution. His works all contain that elusive element of trapped energy that ensnares the viewer and demands participation in the work itself via falling petal, beating wing, or straining tendon.


Over our 20 plus year relationship, I have purchased works from kyle sight unseen and I also have consulted in detail with him on personal commissions. The result in any event is always a renewed astonishment at the beauty and depth of his creative power. Kyle is an Artist in the very truest definition of the word and I am proud to be a collector of his work. Don’t take my word for it, simply look for yourself and delight in the experience.


John Parks






Kyle stevens paintings exhibit an amazing sense of color, design, and originality. His ability to paint both academic as well as mythological works attest to his outstanding creative capabilities as an artist.


Mr. Stevens attention to details as well as his desire to incorporate in to his paintings the use of historical painting mediums and practices speaks well of his desire to creat permanent works of art in the tradition of the Old Masters.


Mr. Stevens is a true master of the art of painting visual as well as emotional works in oil.


With best wishes

Donald Fels 






The still-life paintings of Kyle J. Stevens offer ordinary objects the chance to enter the realm of the revered.


Linda M. Gosman

American Artist magazine 





Like the Old Masters, Kyle uses contrast of light and shadow to create drama and movement in his oil still lifes.


Greg Schaber

The Artist magazine






For the Artist Kyle J. Stevens, it’s the little flourishes that make a big difference. It’s little details like these that turn the heads of viewers and gallery owners, and set Kyle’s work apart from others in his genre.


Jennifer Ball

The Artist’s Magazine 






Kyle’s work takes a more traditional route. Using the chiaroscuro technique, another lesson learned from the Baroque Masters.


Jennifer Ball

The Artist’s Magazine






The classical mastery of technique with which Kyle executes his paintings is at a level that few others attain. There is absolutely nothing ordinary about his approach to painting. His thirst for knowledge pertaining to his craft is insatiable and the knowledge gained is encyclopedic. He has probably experimented with or has an understanding of every medium and painting technique used since the Dutch Masters. Oh, by the way did I mention drawing? After all it’s the foundation upon which all of the aforementioned was built. I think the word brilliant will suffice.


Rick Willoughby

Willoughby Fine Art Gallery




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